//Leidenschaft für Diamant / Passion for Diamond

Milling Cutter Systems

One Milling cutter system for milling  aluminium, brass, copper, cfrp, cast iron and hardened steel


Today face milling in aluminium, tomorrow corner milling operations in cast iron and at the next day milling in hardened steel? That’s exactly what our flexible milling cutter system was developed for. One milling cutter with 6 different cartridges for 6 different ISO inserts, tipped with PCD / CVD-D / CBN


  • Ø50 mm up to Ø400 mm all with inner coolant
  • in steel or aluminium
  • Steel body for hard- and cast iron machining
  • Aluminium body for High Speed Cutting
  • The cartridges are height adjustable
  • Special version cartridges and special inserts available on request
  • ISO inserts tipped with PCD / CVD-D / CBN
  • Inserts are tipped with Z2, Z3 or FullFace
  • Available from stock


Shaft end mill with ISO-inserts

  • Ø10mm, 12mm und 14mm with inner coolant
  • ISO insert type AOEX 04 tipped with PCD / CVD-D / CBN


Face / corner end mill and weldon shaft end mill

  • Ø16 mm bis Ø125 mm with inner coolant
  • One insert type AOEX 07T3 for both systems tipped with PCD / CVD-D / CBN


Special milling cutter and special inserts on request!

Flexible Milling Cutter System for PCD / CVD and CBN ISO-Inserts

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