Leidenschaft für Diamant / Passion for Diamond

Milling head systems

The right blade head for every application …!

Another new, very successful product is our blade head system with ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD-CVD thick film diamond and PCBN.

You will be able to address a wide range of applications thanks to the cassette-equipped blade head system from DTS. From hard machining (up to 72HRC), to gray cast iron, up to non-ferrous metals and plastics (e.g. GRP, CFRP, etc.), there is the option of using ISO or special turning cutter plates in the blade head system, depending on the necessary application.

The following diameters are on offer:

– Execution with cylindrical shank,
in diameters 20mm, 25mm, 35mm und 40mm with firmly screwed WSP
Turning plate types include: CXHW 06, RDHX07, APGW 10T3, SPGW09T3

– Execution with blade head with adjustable cartridges,
in diameters 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm and 125mm with adjustable cartridges
Turning plate types include: CXHW 09, RDHX07, RDHX 12T3, APGW 10T3, SPGW09T3

High-speed milling using ultra-hard cutting materials